Mar 2018 Shenley Hill

Shenley Hill an extra-curricular school helping plug the gaps in children's learning. Wannabe actor and headmaster Mr Perfect runs the school and although he doesn't lack for effort his decision-making skills are sometimes called into question. Please watch our fly-on the wall documentaries about life at this unique school.

Shenley Hill

Video Diaries

PE Class

Art Class

Jan 2018 Nice Guys

Nice Guys began with creating movie posters and then set off on a journey of crime, cops and non-stop action. Here are some of the crime capers the group came up with.

Heroic 3

The Crime

Loose Cannon

Breakfast Club

Rip Off


The Bin Robbers

Good Cop Bad Cop

The Robbery

The Set Up

Torture Room

Dr Gas

Crime Chase Capture

Nov 2017 Twister Radio

Twister Radio involved the children coming up with ideas for a radio show and then delving into their inner Nick Grimshaw and working out their presenting skills. Alongside the radio shows were films based around surviving a twister and it was great to see the different ways that the group approached this.

Radio 3.3

The Story of the Twisters

Boomerang FM

Creepy Santa

Christmas Monkey


Twister Survival


Sep 2017 Fair Play

Back into filming after the summer break and we start back with 'Fair Play' where the children explored different stories with a contentious storyline. We wnated the children to think about the characters' actions and question their motives.

Summer Camp

Following the success of the Easter Camp we are running a Summer Camp for one week from 24th-28th July 8.30-17.30 at Leedon Lower School, Leighton Buzzard. Cost of the camp is £25 per day or £110 if you sign up for the whole week. It is open to children aged 5-12 and offers a great chance to work creatively making films. The children will be taking projects from start to finish so there'll be lots of scriptwriting, acting, camerawork, directing and editing going on as the children develop their storytelling skills through film. To book a place for your child or children (we offer a special rate for siblings) please get in touch through the contact page.

June/July 2017 The 35 Steps

Taking advantage of the the wonderful views offered by Rushmere Woods in summer, this production takes us into the world of spies. We called on the young directors to get in touch with their innner James Bonds and pull forth all their skills in the world of espionage. Along with lots of side projects the group all worked together on main film 'The 35 Steps' which combined an emotional storyline with a strong anti-war message. You can watch it here The 35 Steps

Apr/May 2017 The Magic Portal

In this production the team split into two groups in week 1 each with the aim of creating a film that involved a magic portal. The two groups set about their task well and after finalising their scripts, made a start on filming. Both films combined footage from the school with shots taken at Rushmere Country Park and most filming was completed by the end of week 2 although one of the groups had a couple of scenes still to go which were completed in week 5. Both projects were edited by young directors with one of the films going onto to get nearly 500 views on our facebook page and counting! Alongside the magic portal films the children also made films under the themes of monsters and aliens. The monster films were made as silent films which made the children have to think about how to express the story without the use of words and really focus on their camerawork which was a challenge they really rose to. We also need to give a big thank you to Tina Pancholi who helped the children in developing their scripts in weeks 3 and 5. " alt=""/>

Easter Camp

The first Young Directors holiday camp in 2017 and it was awesome! Three days of action-packed filming where the children were involved in all aspects of the filmmaking process from acting through to editing. It was really nice to see so many children taking their first steps in filmmaking and loving the experience :)

Feb/Mar 2017 Now and Always

This production looked at the ability of friendship to shine through even in difficult circumstances. We were back up at Rushmere Woods for three sessions for filming and it was great to get back out there. Some of the group have developed their own mini-series of action films called John Henderson and it has been great to see their ideas developing alongside their ability to work together as a team and to direct their own films independently.

Jan/Feb 2017 The Girl who Never Laughed

Inspired by our little trip into comedy with Snail Man we wanted to embrace the comedy with The Girl who Never Laughs, a story about a girl who has never laughed her entire life and a community's attempt to try everything in their power to make her laugh. Alongside this main production we are going to take a brief look into some of the other genres of film with horror, action, drama and fantasy all getting a spin out. It will be interesting to see which genres the children like the best and another chance for them to direct their own filmmaking experiences.

Nov/Dec 2016 Reflections

A production where we used reflected images and ideas of reflections to inspire our filmmaking. There was a war story of friendship, a children's court, a zombie invasion and much more. The children filmed and edited films using reflected images as well, so as well as boosting our camerawork it was also good to see the children completing editing projects on moviemaker. Well done everyone!

Sep/Oct 2016 'Don't Panic'

In this production we will be examining fears and situations where we might feel uncomfortable. The main characters will then face a battle between their rational and emotional brains to see whether or not they can take control of their situation. In our Leedon sessions the children will be filming interviews between doctor and patient and then performing monologues where they will take the role of the rational or emotional brain, should be fun!

Rational/Emotional Clips

June/July 2016 'Tales of the Unexpected'

Looking at stories with a twist, 'Tales of the Unexpected' was really fun from a storywriting point of view. It has also led to the naming of the Daddy Tree which is now a useful reference point for our Rushmere trips.

The Gate

The Long Necked Demon

April/May 2016 'Think Twice'

A film about choices, protecting the environment and trying to make things better. We completed our first week at Leedon this week and started by splitting into three groups ready for filming at Rushmere next week. One group will be working with me on a story about The Lord of the Forest and making sure to keep our beautiful places free from pollution, the second group will be working with Mrs Neill making a collection of images to be put together with music and the final group came up with their own script and will be directed by one of the group. All set up for an exciting day's filming next week!

Think Twice

The Lord of the Forest

Fairy Land

Crystal and Diamond

March 2016: When Spring Comes

A film about expectations and holding out for something better. We have been splitting our time between base camp Leedon and Rushmere Woods. The site at Rushmere has worked well and we're very lucky to have such a great spot on our door steps. As well as making use of the beautiful woodlands the children have also enjoyed using the park at the meet up point. Lots of improv acting, character and story creating, directing and some fantastic editing to boot so far on this production. Here's last week's music video 'The Wrong Way'.

January 2016: Gonzo

A film about a person who inspires change in the people they meet, for good or bad. In this production it has been over to the children who working in groups of threes and fours have had to come up with a storyline, create a script, practise, film and finally edit the whole movie. There are so many elements to film making and it's going to be fun to see which parts the groups really get their teeth stuck into. It was great to see the way the groups worked together through all the stages of the process and I was particularly happy with the editing. In the end we have three well-made films which started at the same point but made their own journeys to the finish line. Well done everyone :)

November 2015: Titan

A futuristic story about a mission to find a new home for humans. When the group land on Titan they feel as though their prayers have been answered but all is not as it seems on this beautiful planet.

Working in two groups our time will be divided between sessions at Leedon and Aspley Woods. In order to make this film work we need strong characters and lots of powerful acting from the group. It's always great fun filming in the woods and I'm sure we're going to get something everyone can be proud of.

September 2015: Newsreel

Using green screens to create a studio effect and live, on the scene reporting the children will be putting together a news programme. Each group will need to write scripts, present news, make electrifying reports and get a range of camera shots. Then finally put the whole show together on moviemaker or power director editing tools. It's a big challenge but I know we can get this done :)

July 2015: Fairy Tale Dream

The final production before the summer break saw Young Directors filming in Aspley Woods for Fairy Tale Dream. A story about a girl who wakes up in a mysterious land where she has to find an inner strength to defeat The Evil One. We were blessed with fantastic weather which allowed us to enjoy a great day's filming and a relaxing lunch surrounded by the wonderful woodland setting.